Regular Updates

To limit the inconvenience of updating, the plan is to close the site down for a short time once a week. For 15 minutes prior to going down, everyone using the site will be warned of the upcoming outage.

The idea is to do it at a time each week that works for me and is "off-peak" for most of our users. At this stage I'm doing it on Sunday evening at 7pm AEST (4am Sunday morning US Central time, 9am UTC; approximately 30 minutes prior to this post). I may end up changing to Monday evening so that it's Sunday night instead of Saturday night in the US, but I think this time works for now. I'll probably also change to fortnightly at some point, when there are fewer small but important things that need fixing.

When the site is down, a note will appear when trying to access any page. It will give the time the site went down, and the approximate time it will come up by. It approximates that it will take 30 minutes. The one I just did took about 15, and I expect this to be the case most of the time, although I want to give myself plenty of time in case something goes wrong. The site comes back when I indicate that I'm finished, or automatically when an hour passes (although I can extend that if I need to).

Any game that would have had its deadline at the time of an update or less than 3 hours later will have its deadline postponed until 3 hours after the update. In other words, for an update scheduled at 9am, any deadline set for 9am, 10am or 11am will be pushed back to 12pm.

I can still fix things throughout the week if I desperately need to, but in general if something can wait until the scheduled update, it will.

In this thread I'll give a summary of the changes that I made after each update.
Sunday 24 May 2020, 9:34 am by Jim | Discuss