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#0 - 24 May 2020, 9:34 am
To limit the inconvenience of updating, the plan is to close the site down for a short time once a week. For 15 minutes prior to going down, everyone using the site will be warned of the upcoming outage.

The idea is to do it at a time each week that works for me and is "off-peak" for most of our users. At this stage I'm doing it on Sunday evening at 7pm AEST (4am Sunday morning US Central time, 9am UTC; approximately 30 minutes prior to this post). I may end up changing to Monday evening so that it's Sunday night instead of Saturday night in the US, but I think this time works for now. I'll probably also change to fortnightly at some point, when there are fewer small but important things that need fixing.

When the site is down, a note will appear when trying to access any page. It will give the time the site went down, and the approximate time it will come up by. It approximates that it will take 30 minutes. The one I just did took about 15, and I expect this to be the case most of the time, although I want to give myself plenty of time in case something goes wrong. The site comes back when I indicate that I'm finished, or automatically when an hour passes (although I can extend that if I need to).

Any game that would have had its deadline at the time of an update or less than 3 hours later will have its deadline postponed until 3 hours after the update. In other words, for an update scheduled at 9am, any deadline set for 9am, 10am or 11am will be pushed back to 12pm.

I can still fix things throughout the week if I desperately need to, but in general if something can wait until the scheduled update, it will.

In this thread I'll give a summary of the changes that I made after each update.
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#1 - 24 May 2020, 9:56 am
Update 24 May 2020

Home page

Membership upgrade page
Updated and improved. Added a "Leave a Tip" option, allowing a user to contribute an amount of their choice, along with a note or suggestion for the site.

Setup creation
Added help text for many of the fields explaining what they are for.

Less Pressure
Changed the Vengekill to "IC Vengekill", removing Mafia's ability to target non-ICs. I think it was shraeye who said something like, "Normally I'm all for going for non-standard plays, but in this case you would never target a non-IC." I think (similar to offering self-votes and votes for ICs), offering Mafia the opportunity to vengekill non-ICs in this case only makes it more confusing and takes up unnecessary space, particularly given that Less Pressure is the go-to beginner setup.

Added extra padding on the right hand side of posts. It was particularly noticeable when quoting that it needed extra space there.

Rated Flavors
Once a Flavor is used for a Rated setup, it will now be unavailable to be used again for 4 weeks for Blitz, or 8 weeks otherwise.

Setup page fixes
  • Re-added a link to the last post in the Discuss section. It had been removed due to causing an error.
  • Your first 3 Flavors should now appear in the Flavors section as intended.
Other fixes
  • Most instances of long words should now be wrapped instead of going off the screen. I think there are some situations where it might still happen, but in most cases it should be fixed.
  • Players' posts in Mafia and Personal threads should now again display their role and alignment as intended.
  • Test games are now private as intended. Others will no longer see them or be able to access them.
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#2 - 31 May 2020, 9:54 am
Update 31 May 2020

I made some fairly significant back-end changes in this update. I tried to check everything that could cause an issue, but I wouldn't be surprised if an error or two pops up.

Sending Notes
You can now send another user a note. Links to do this can be found under their avatar in posts, and on their profile page.
A note is intended as simply a way to get someone's attention. It will generate a notification for them with the text of the note, as well as an email if they have email notifications turned on for notes.
Once the receiver of a note clears the notification, neither party will have a record of the note (aside from in the email inbox of the receiver), so I wouldn't recommend using this to send information that may need to be referred to.

Email Notifications
You will now find an "Email Settings" link on your profile page. There are three events for which you can choose to receive an email: Game Start, Night End and Note Received. The first two are for games you're involved in (as a mod, player, spectator or sub).
Email notifications are opt-out (ie, they are on by default), to help with new users who haven't got the hang of checking the site.

Custom Game Ordering
It seems likely that Custom Games that are closer to the top of the list will have an easier time being filled, especially the top 3 which show up on the Games home page. Custom Game ordering will now be decided in the following way:

  1. Promotion. This will allow Admins to promote high-quality games they think should fill to the top of the list. The ability for Admins to do this has not yet been implemented however.
  2. Moderator membership. Currently there's not much separating a Platinum Membership from a Gold one. Platinum mods will now have their games automatically taken to the top (beneath promoted games).
  3. How close they are to filling. For this, a game receives 2 points for each confirmed signup, 1 point for each unconfirmed one, and loses points equal to how far they are from reaching their maximum player count (assuming the unconfirmed signups reconfirm). For example, a 15-player game that has 8 signups confirmed and 2 unconfirmed will have a score of 8*2+2-5 = 13. I'm not sure how good a metric this is for this.

Concluded Games
The list of living players now show them as "Survived" instead of "Alive". 

New Announcements
Users are now not subscribed to a new announcement thread until they've viewed it, preventing them from having two notifications at once for one thread.

Removed the '*' from mandatory fields.
Improved the look of various form pages, including the signup page, profile edit page, reply and new thread pages and several pages used for setup creation.

Trying to view a page that doesn't exist now takes you to the last page instead of causing an error. This came up for me when I went back to a thread I was viewing after increasing my page size.

Added some extra space on the left hand side of posts (ie left of the avatars) to match the extra space on the right.


  • Added a space between "Night x" and "(UPDATING)" in the header of a game that is updating from a Night deadline.
  • Added "Flavor" navigation link to header of various Flavor-related pages.
  • New Message Thread link under post avatars: Removed for guest users.
  • Setup stats page: No longer causes an error when there are no records to show.
  • Party: When a Party ends, all threads apart from the Afterparty thread will now be locked as intended.
  • Party: Removed empty Living Players table from the home page after the Party has ended.
  • Fixed an issue where part of a revealed player's role could show up on the same line as their avatar in posts.
  • Fixed an issue causing Mafia members to not be subscribed to the Mafia thread.
  • Night over notification: The link now takes you to the new Day (or Aftermath) instead of the Game home page as intended.
  • Adding powers to roles was not working; it is now fixed.

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#3 - 5 June 2020, 9:48 am
I'll probably try to bring forward this week's update to some time tomorrow. There's an important fix that needs to be put through but it's probably too complicated to hotfix.
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#4 - 6 June 2020, 11:00 am
Update 6 June 2020

This was a rather messy week, with two major (game-related) information security issues and an undoubtedly annoying posting issue. As such, there were a couple of things I had to postpone until next week.

Post Links
Links to post are now given as the actual link, rather than using the post ID to redirect to it. Being able to access post IDs is a bad idea in general, and made it possible to determine which threads had been posted in, even if you couldn't access the thread itself.

Reply View Issue
In some situations, posts from the wrong game could come up in the reply view, allowing users to see posts they should not have seen. This has been fixed.

New Replies (PPE) Warning
Fixed an issue where the warning kept coming up even after being seen, preventing the user from posting without refreshing the page. Also added the number of new replies to the warning.

Forum/Message Thread Titles
Extended the maximum length from 32 to 50.

Pregame Thread
Joined players, spectators and subs now subscribe to this thread as intended.

Game Navbar
When you click on a game start notification, it takes you to your Personal Thread so you see you role. If you find the game some other way, your Personal Thread will now be red (indicating the notification) to help you find it.
Similarly, the links to previous Days for which you still have a notification show up red.

Platinum Member Badge
Slightly reduced the text size so it fits on one line on large screens.

Rename Pseudorows/columns to Unlabeled Rows/Columns and added help text.


  • Removed the game name from the title of Custom Game threads (it was causing the game name to show up twice).
  • Role Assignment Phase: Fixed an issue where it was not possible to progress to Night 0.
  • Guest Users: Removed the option to start a message thread or send a note from a user's profile page.
  • Notifications: Removed a (faulty) button to unsubscribe from a new message thread without viewing it.

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#5 - 13 June 2020, 11:16 am
There won't be an update this week; it's been a busy one and I'm not going to finish what I'm working on in time.
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#6 - 21 June 2020, 9:34 am
Update 21 June 2020

Replying to Posts

  • Reply views no longer refer to the ID of the post you're replying to.
  • If there is an issue with the post you're replying to, it will now display as not replying to a post rather than replying to the first post in the thread.
  • In Day threads which you cannot post in, you will now see an option to reply to the posts if there is a thread in that game which you can post in. For example, if it's Day 2 you can click Reply on posts from Day 1 to reply in Day 2. If you're dead, you can click Reply on posts from any Day to reply in the Spectator thread. Currently it doesn't give you a choice between different threads, just the first one of the following in which you can currently post: Current Day, Spectator, scum, other (excluding Personal or Help eg a Mason thread), Personal. You can still manipulate the URL to get to the thread you want to post in.

Added Ascetic and Commuter.

Test Games
The game will no longer end after 3 Day/Night cycles without a kill.

Notification Fixes

  • Fixed a problem where notifications for a Custom Game signup becoming unsubscribed was interfering with notifications for new replies for that game, messing up the numbers for both.
  • Fixed a problem where notifications for new replies took you to the last page of that thread, even if your first unread reply was on a different page.

Other Fixes

  • Non-players should no longer be able to post in game threads.
  • The vote count and thread title should now appear in game reply views.
  • Archived games: Fixed vote counts and thread titles. The game name should now appear in notifications for replies for that game.
  • You can no longer add shots, modifiers, restrictions or powers to a Vanilla role.

There will be no update here next week; I'll update the Beta site in order to get it one week ahead of the main site.
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#7 - 12 July 2020, 9:21 am
Apologies for the radio silence. I'll try to make sure I put through an update each week from now on, even if it's a small one.

Update 12 July 2020

Party Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the mod and anyone who had been scum could always view the full Mafia Thread.
  • Fixed an issue where a playing moderator could not access the Moderator Thread in order to take actions such as triggering a random lynch.

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#8 - 19 July 2020, 9:15 am
Update 19 July 2020

Forum: Fixed "Last Post" links so they correctly show the time in the user's timezone.
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#9 - 26 July 2020, 9:55 am
Update 26 July 2020

When adding a role (Normal, Flex or Potential) to a setup, you are now redirected to the relevant role list on the page.
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#10 - 2 August 2020, 9:25 am
Update 2 August 2020

When deleting a role (Normal, Flex or Potential) in a setup, you are now redirected to the relevant role list on the page.
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#11 - 9 August 2020, 9:09 am
Update 9 August 2020

Progressing from a Role Assignment Phase in a text game now happens immediately rather than requiring you to wait until the top of the next hour.

Fixed an issue showing in in-game navbars where new replies in another thread showed as "(0)" rather than the number of new replies.
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#12 - 16 August 2020, 9:25 am
Update 16 August 2020

You can now create Custom Neighborhoods to add to your games.

Neighborhoods can have guarantees; either a guarantee that all members are Town or any combination of guarantees that no members are of a particular non-Town alignment. When adding roles to a Neighborhood, you are unable to add roles which conflict with the guarantees, and they are announced in the thread at the start of the game.

You can click to "Add Neighborhood", "Add Masonry" or "Add Monastery". These create Neighborhoods with different settings; the default Masonry is guaranteed Town, and the default Monastery is guaranteed non-Werewolf.

There is no limit to how many Neighborhoods a single role can be in.

By definition, a "Neighbor" (ie a role with that name) is in at least one Neighborhood which doesn't have a Town guarantee. A "Mason" is in at least one Neighborhood which has either a Town or a non-Mafia guarantee. A "Monk" is in at least one Neighborhood with a Town or non-Werewolf guarantee. Any of these roles which are not added to such a Neighborhood has one created for them. (The created Masonry has a Town guarantee unless non-Town Masons are possible in the setup, in which case it has a non-Mafia guarantee. The created Monastery has a non-Werewolf guarantee.) For simple uses of these roles, these automatically created Neighborhoods may be sufficient, meaning you won't have to create your own.

Fix: Edit Role view heading shows the default flavor (instead of no flavor) as intended.
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#13 - 23 August 2020, 12:54 pm
Update 23 August 2020

Significant change to the signup process.

The main idea is that you are no longer expected to keep your signup confirmed until the game is ready to go.

When you sign up or renew your signup, it is confirmed for 48 hours as before. Confirmed signups are indicated with a green tick. You no longer generally receive notifications when your signup becomes unconfirmed.

When there are enough signups to start a game, confirmations can be turned on/requested. This occurs automatically if the game would start automatically (eg for Rated games), and is triggered by the moderator if they would trigger the start of the game (eg for Custom games). When this happens, everyone who has an unconfirmed signup receives a notification (and email if they have email notifications for this on) requesting that they confirm their signup. Notifications then start going out to those whose signups expire within the next 12 hours. If there's a moderator, they can turn confirmations off (retract the request for confirmations), which deletes all such notifications. If there are no longer enough players to start due to someone dropping out, confirmations are also turned off.

For Rated signups, when you receive a confirmation request, or if your signup becomes unconfirmed while confirmations are on, you then have 24 hours to confirm before your signup becomes inactive (indicated by a red cross), and 7 days before your signup is deleted. While your signup is active, your position in the queue is respected; a game cannot start without you if you're in the top n signups (where n is the player count), but if it becomes inactive this is no longer the case. This is not relevant for Custom games, as the mod can choose whichever confirmed signups they like when starting the game.

Setups: When selecting a setup for a Party, you can now choose from any of your own Ready setups, as well as an "Official" list of public setups.

Started replacing the word "lynch" with "exile". "Lynch" will undoubtedly still pop up for a while.
Replaced Lyncher/Lynchee with Condemner/Condemnee, and changes the color of Condemner from orange to purple to match Serial Killers.

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#14 - 24 August 2020, 10:40 am
I'm now switching to fortnightly updates.
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#15 - 6 September 2020, 9:40 am
Update 6 September 2020

During the Pregame, mods of Custom games can now access a Setting page where they can change the Name, Flavor and Self- and IC-Voting options.

Fixed an issue allowing you to join a game as "Guest".
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#16 - 4 October 2020, 10:01 am
Update 4 October 2020

Added the "Assassin" game category. Assassin in the Palace and War in the Palace are now playable Party setups.
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#17 - 18 October 2020, 9:08 am
Update 18 October 2020

Added a Public Setups page.
Added a Setups section to the Games page, from which you can access My Setups and Public Setups.
Silver+ members can create Custom or Test games of public setups.

Custom Games
Spectators and Subs who join during the Pregame now become subscribed to the relevant threads at game start as intended.
Free users can no longer volunteer to sub.

These threads now show up correctly in archived games.
The default Masonry (ie the one that is created if there are Masons in the game who are not already assigned to a Masonry) now has a non-Mafia guarantee instead of a Town guarantee if there are Monks possible in the setups (in addition to if there are non-Town Masons possible).

Once a Party is created, its name can now be changed from the Settings page.

Archived test games can now be deleted.
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#18 - 1 November 2020, 9:26 am
Added Pick Your Poison and Stack the Deck to the Public Setups.
Site Owner
#19 - 21 November 2020, 12:36 pm
Added C9++ to the Public Setups.

Creating Setups

Added buttons to "Duplicate" roles, making adding roles a lot quicker.

Added a "Manual Role Selection" option. If selected and there are "NONE" roles, the mod will assign those roles in the Role Assignment Phase. If not selected, "NONE" roles will simply be assigned as Vanilla (Vanilla Townie if the alignment is also "NONE";).

Removed "My Setups" link from the Games page when viewing it as a guest.

Post reply quotes are now editable.