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#0 - 19 July 2020, 6:56 am
I don't remember who it was or where they suggested it, but someone suggested that Cop results being Town/non-Town was better than Innocent/Guilty. I agreed at the time but now I'm not sure, for a couple of reasons.

  1. Innocent/Guilty is slightly vaguer, so it seems like less of a lie for a Godfather to return "Innocent" than to return "Town".
  2. "Town" would be given in green (or the colour used for that game), but what colour should "non-Town" be? I guess black or grey or red is fine but I don't know I just don't like having "Town" in a different colour, even if it's preceded by "non-". Maybe that's just me.
A reason to have Town/non-Town is that it more naturally deals with Survivors and other not-necessarily-evil third parties. So if Innocent/Guilty is kept a decision would have to be made on that.