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Less Pressure is a a Mafia setup for 8 players, designed by Empking.


2 Innocent ChildrenAlignment is publicly known.
3 Vanilla TowniesNo special role.
3 Mafia GoonsNo special role.


Each Day lasts up to 48 hours.

Nightless: There are no Nights or Night Actions. When a Day ends, the next day begins immediately. All shared private threads are unlocked at all times.

Mandatory Exile: When a Day deadline is reached, the player listed first in the vote count is exiled.

1-Shot IC Vengekill: When a member of the Mafia is killed, they kill an Innocent Child in return.

White Flag: When the Mafia has only one player remaining, they lose.


Less Pressure #1 - Game Over


Ongoing Games: 0
Completed Games: 1

Highest Rating

1. faust - 110
2. Swowl - 110
3. MiX - 110

Most Wins

1. MiX - 1
2. Swowl - 1
3. faust - 1


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